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Family & Kids Adventures at Wetnjoy Waterpark! For little ones such as royal castle, rain dance station, lazy river, kiddie pool, & family Fun such as crazy pool, family raft rides adventure at wet n joy lonavala waterpark


High thrill rides such as nightmare, sky fall, free fall, tornado, boomerango, master blaster, experience fun, adventure, thrill, full of enjoyment with unforgettable experience in water park Lonavala

High Thrill

Lazy river is 984 feet long. it help to relax inflatable tube from warm sun, sharing giggles, stories with loved ones. scenic journey & relaxing atmosphere with lush greenery for kid, & family friendly ride


Lazy River

  • Drift smoothly on colorful tubes and floats designed for a serene and gentle flow.
  • Fulfill a minimum height criterion of 4’5”.
  • Enjoy a relaxing ride for chit chats with family and friends.
  • Indulge in sun-soaked leisure, river lazing, and floating at your own pace.
India's largest wavepool size is 60K square feet with 6 feet wave height. Total 8 number of thunder wave pattern generated in wet n joy water park Lonavala


Thunder Waves

  • Navigate through different wave levels, meeting a minimum height criterion of 4’5”.
  • Demonstrate jumping skills as you leap over waves or stand your ground.
  • Create joyful splashes with family and friends as waves crash over you.
Royal Castle size is 10K square feet with number of thrills, and adventure rides of all ages. here some things for everyone such as interactive fun, water gushing mazes, dizzying slides etc.


Royal Castle

  • Immerse yourself in the largest Aqua Play Station in India, meeting a minimum height criterion of 4’5”.
  • Discover extensive slides, mazes, and water rides over 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Create cherished memories of spending quality time in the Royal Castle with family.
A high-thrill adventure ride that will challenge your courage and leave you breathless. Imagine plugging into darkness, twisted tunnels, unexpected drops and turns, drenched in fear, emerging into the light.



  • Navigate through a thrilling dark ride with steep wormhole tunnels, fulfilling a minimum height criterion of 4’5”.
  • Experience the suspenseful tumble down closed black holes.
  • Conclude the journey with a refreshing splash in the pool.
Sky Fall ride height is 68 feet, Slide length 324 feet, mat is required for the ride. Heart-stopping ride, ready for vertical drop, unleashing the scream, incredible G-forces as slide curves and twists


Sky Fall

  • Engage in a thrilling ride with a brief suspension in the air, meeting a minimum height criterion of 4’5”.
  • Experience a literal drop from the sky, inducing heart-pounding excitement.
  • Plunge stylishly into the water after a momentary suspension.
Crave the heart-pounding rush of freefall? Look no further than the exhilarating free fall rides at Wet n Joy Waterpark Lonavala! Brace yourself for gut-wrenching drops, refreshing splashes, and an adrenaline rush unlike any other at wet n Joy Water park at Lonavala


Free Fall

  • Enjoy the most scintillating ride falling from 69 feet at a 90-degree angle, with a minimum height criterion of 4’5”.
  • Embark on a high-adrenaline experience with a steep incline adventure.
  • Revel in the sensation of being a waterfall during the fall.
Tornado is ionic funnel slide promises an unforgettable experience to take plunge. brace yourself for a swirling vortex, darkness adenaline anticipation, & final splashdown.



  • Embark on a topsy-turvy roller coaster ride with open and closed tunnels, meeting a minimum height criterion of 4’5”.
  • Slide through open and closed tunnels, weaving along waves.
  • Experience the thrilling finale with a splash into the swimming pool.
Get ready for a heart-pounding experience with Boomerango, the thrilling water slide at Wetnjoy Waterpark Lonavala! prepare for twisting, and turning, double the fun, unforgettable thrills, not for the faint of heart.



  • Delight in a dual ride falling from an elevation of 47 feet, stretching 369 feet, meeting a minimum height criterion of 4’5”.
  • Embark on an allied journey through curvy tubes for added excitement.
  • Share ups and downs with a close friend for maximum enjoyment.
Master Blaster is the adrenaline pumping king of slideswith water coaster in India. It is heart-pounding drops, G-force turns, open and covered sections, and solo or double tubes.


Master Blaster

  • Embark on an ultimate water ride with gripping open and closed tunnels, with a minimum height criterion of 4’5”.
  • Navigate through adrenaline-pounding tunnels for a high-energy adventure.
  • Scream with joy as you traverse through the water in a succession of thrilling experiences.
Complete top view of water park wet n joy lonavala with all rides details mentioned in number wet n joy lonavala at water park

Please note:

  •  It is compulsory to wear Nylon / Lycra costumes in the water park. Loose clothing is not permitted as it is likely to get stuck in the rides.
  •  It is strictly prohibited to carry Alcohol or any other food & beverage items in the park. We DO NOT permit any visitors who are drunk or have consumed any kind of narcotic substances. No refunds are made in any such cases.
  •  In case of rains/ stormy weather, select rides and attractions would be operated as per Management discretion, keeping the safety of the visitors in consideration.
  •  Rides can be taken under maintenance / observation at any point of time (without prior information), in case, if the park management feels there is a need to check the same.
  •  Rides are operated in a hourly phase wise manner. Please check the ride operation chart for the day at the ticket counter.
  •  The park Entry Ticket provides access to all the operational park rides for the day. There is no separate charge for each ride. No refunds would be made once the ticket has been booked, in case the guests are not able to avail the rides due to any of the above reasons.