House of Horror

Horror house attraction at Wet'nJoy Lonavala Park
Step into the House of Horror for a spine-chilling adventure! Navigate through dark corridors and rooms filled with surprises at every turn. Brace yourself for scary encounters and heart-pounding thrills as you explore this terrifying attraction. Dare to enter and test your courage as you face your fears in this exciting experience.


best 3D show At Amusement Park in Wet'nJoy Lonavala

Strike fun and innovative poses and get tricked-in. The photos will come to life in turn
experiencing reality.

Mirror Maze new attraction at Wet'nJoy Lonavala Park

Mirror Maze

Get lost in a mesmerizing world of reflections and illusions at our Mirror Maze! Navigate through a web of mirrors, where every twist and turn leads to a new optical illusion. Challenge your senses as you try to find your way out, but beware – the mirrors can play tricks on your mind! It’s a fun-filled adventure for the whole family, where laughter and confusion go hand in hand.

Note: Mini attractions will not be included in park ticket. All are available on extra  charge (You have to add ‘Add On’s’  when booking the tickets)

Waterpark Timings: 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Rides Timings: 11:00 AM – 05:30 PM

Amusement park will remain closed in monsoon season from 1st July 2024.
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