Experience monsoon magic in Lonavala. Exciting offers + food + fun


Discover the largest outdoor adventure water and amusement park in India.

The ultimate family gateway.
Where fun meets fantasy and thrill meets adventure

Welcome to Wet’nJoy, where a truly thrilling experience awaits everyone. Nestled in the serene mountains of Lonavala and located conveniently along the Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Wet’nJoy is an international standard amusement park near Pune and Mumbai with over 50 plus indoor and outdoor rides, slides, and world-class attractions, with something special in store for everyone in the family. Brought to you by the Malpani Group, the park is the perfect escape for family outings, where everyone can be a kid again. India’s largest wave pool, Aqua play station, Freefall, Vertical Swing, multi-cuisine restaurants, 5d theatre- there is so much to do here, you might run out of time and energy but the action won’t stop! 

Whether you are with friends or family, with a special somebody, or all by yourself, this is one thrilling experience you just can’t have enough of! 

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Malpani Group

Malpani Group is well diversified business house active in Renewable energy, FMCG products, Amusements and Water Park, Real estate, Hotels etc. Malpani Group’s success story in no ordinary one. Our unceasing commitment to the satisfaction of our customers as well as the society by way of sharing the rewards with all has been always will be the secret to our phenomenal growth.
Our activities have given the small town of Sangamner as well as its surrounding areas a new modern face. Along with developing the infrastructure of Sangamner, we have managed to create social awareness, encourage education as well as inspire the people to dream big and aspire more without disturbing the rural roots. Malpani Group is glad to have played an active role in the transformation of Sangamner and it putting it on the industrial map of the world.
We are committed to drawing upon the wisdom of past generations while utilizing the innovation and enthusiasm of present generation in scaling greater heights than ever before.


To improve the quality of rural life through professional, material and spiritual advancement.


The mission is simple, yet powerful, “Spreading plenty through transparent practices. Presenting the customer with a wider choice of products”. Today, India is a global economic powerhouse. Urban and Rural consumption is at an all-time high, and increasing. ‘The Malpani Group’ is also an integral and important part of this economic development. The group is planning to expand its product range in its multiproduct FMCG. Its strong rural distribution network lies at the heart of its growth ambitions. Working in tandem with the society to create jobs and opportunities for its young ‘Malpani Group’ is strengthening its diversified business interests in rural areas.
‘The Malpani Group’ is confident that Sangamner will soon become a beacon for those who wish to create a lifestyle, where modern education and entertainment amenities co-exist in a stress free and safe environment. Truly a Healthy, Happy and wealthy City!

Malpani Group