Wet’nJoy amusement park offers an array of conveniences and facilities to make your experience better.

Baggage Room

bagg center in wet'njoy park

Store all your luggage safely in our special paid baggage rooms.

Paid Pickup and Drop

Pickup and Drop

Please visit Get here Link to know the details of our tie-up with third party transport operators.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance facility at wet'njoy park

We have an ambulance service ready for prompt service in times of an emergency or injury.

Merchandizing Shop

cloth shop in wetnjoy park

Special merchandising stores to pick up awesome branded memorabilia to take back as gifts and mementos.

Wheel Chair on Request

handicapped chair in wetnjoy park

Yes. We also have provision of the same on rental basis.

Medical Bay


We have created a special medical bay with state-of-the-art equipment and an expert staff to ensure timely and professional aid and assistance in times of an emergency.

Food Courts and Kiosks

Restaurent in Park

Enjoy a wide variety of authentic tastes from around the world in our multi-cuisine restaurants and kiosks at the food court.

Pay and Use Parking Space

Solar Parking

We have designated over 6 acres of land for exclusively parking, for our esteemed guests. We have provisions to park over 440 four-wheelers, 600 two-wheelers and a dozen buses at one time, at our park and have even created special parking spaces for vehicles of the differently abled and autorickshaws, for easy access.

Note : Bikes are not allowed in the parking area without a helmet.

Toy Shop

Soft toy game at water park

Special Toy Store with a treasure of games, dolls and collectibles for kids of all ages.