Top Water-Park Rides at Wet'nJoy Lonavala

The Tornado is one of the most thrilling water rides at Wet n Joy Water park Lonavala

Master Blaster: India's first water coaster and is an adrenaline-pumping ride in a tube at Wet N Joy Lonavala Water park

Boomerango ride at Wet n Joy Lonavala Waterpark is an exhilarating experience

Nightmare is a a dark tunnel with sharp turns, quick slopes, and water rushing from all sides.

Sky Fall: Experience the Ultimate a series of tunnels and a steep drop at Wet n Joy Lonavala Waterpark

This exhilarating ride sends you plummeting down a 69-foot drop at an 80-degree angle. You'll reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour before splashing into a pool of water.