Tips on spending a day at the Amusement Park

Plan your trip in advance check park opening hours book your tickets online in advance to save time and avoid queues If you are travelling from a distance, consider staying overnight in lonavala to make most of your trip

Arriving early will give you ample time to enjoy all the rides and attractions without feeling rush

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Wear comfortable clothing and footwear You will be spending a lot of time walking around and enjoying the rides, so it is important to wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Stay Hydrated

Take Break

Enjoy The Food

Take photos and videos to capture your precious moments at the park


If you are traveling with children, consider taking advantage of the park's childcare services. There are several lockers available for rent to store your belongings securely. Wet n Joy Lonavala offers a variety of packages to suit your needs and budget. Check the park's website for special events and promotions.