Places to Visit in Lonavala!

Tranquil Escapes at Pavana Lake

A serene artificial lake perfect for camping and picnics, surrounded by lush greenery and scenic views.

Monsoon Magic at Bhushi Dam

A popular monsoon destination known for its cascading water steps and beautiful natural surroundings.

Ancient Wonders of Karla Caves

Ancient Buddhist rock-cut caves featuring intricate carvings and an impressive chaitya (prayer hall).

Thrills at Tiger's Leap Viewpoint

A dramatic cliff-top viewpoint offers panoramic views of the valley and a thrilling experience.

Historical Treks to Lohagad Fort

A historic hill fort known for its impressive architecture, trekking trails, and stunning vistas.

Scenic Trails to Tikona Fort

A triangular-shaped fort provides spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and a rewarding trek.