60,000 square feet Wave pool

12,518 square feet of Beach area

8 Waves to Make a Splash in the Wave Pool

Enjoy the ride on your tube

Height of 51 feet and travel through a topsy turvy journey of almost 700 feet

Master Blaster

Boomerango (Thrill Ride)

Height - 47' Travel - 369' Journey - Curvy Tubes Experience - Boomberang Effect

Free Fall (Thrill Ride)

India’s Tallest Free Fall Ride. Just close your eyes, fold your hands, and gather your courage to take a free fall from a height of 69 feet with a surprise 90-degree incline.

Cyclone (Thrill Ride)

Aqua Cyclone - Mind blowing Twist Height - 47’

Giant Frisbee (Thrill Ride)

India's giant pendulum swing: 180-degree thrill, 360-degree experience!

Turbo Force Amusement Park

Surf the tracks on a giant board at Turbo Force: Feel the real rush of surfing!

Sky Screamer Amusement Park

Suspended 360-degree swings in the clouds: Unmatched thrills at Sky Screamer!

Z Force Amusement Park

Monster ride alert: Launching up and down a massive tower, Z Force brings screams and fear!